What about the weather?

The theatre is air conditioned and climate controlled.  We can accomodate any weather conditions - rain, hail or shine!

Can we take food and drink inside?

We request that all food and drink remains outside

Do parents need to supervise the gamers inside the theatre?

When the CCMGT is onsite for an event for under 18's, we request at least one responsible adult remains in attendance for the event. 

Does the Theatre require to plug into power?

The theatre plugs into the household power outlet safely, and has its own extension lead.  For locations where power is not available, just let us know at the time of the booking so we bring the generator.

How should the event be catered for?

Gamers are a dedicated and focused species!!!  Don't expect to see much of them while the CCMGT is onsite.  Birthday cake? - We may have to literally power down for you to get attendance at the blowing out of the candles.


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How much does a party cost?

Pricing for the Controller Chaos Mobile Gaming Theatre is very competitive (and in some cases cheaper!) than other party alternatives.  Pricing depends on the amount of time the CCMGT is required to be onsite.  Minimum event time is 2 hours

What is the standard service area?

The CCMGT will travel anywhere within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas without incurring travel costs.  Call us to discuss your requirements!

How much space does the CCMGT require for setup?

The unit takes up approximately 10 metres (30 feet) from front to back.  For best use of the outside interactive games, allow approximately 10 metres so that all your friends can get involved to.

How many gamers can engage inside and outside?

The CCMGT was designed to maximise the gaming experience.  You can fit as many people inside as there are controllers and standing space. 

Outside, the interactive fun begins with either linking the up the outside stations with the inside consoles OR dance up a dance-a-thon with everyone else at your event.  There is no limit!!!!

Is there an age limit?

The Controller Chaos Mobile Gaming Theatre is perfect for everyone.  From 4 years old to 104 years.  Mums, Dads, Aunties and Uncles are welcome to follow the kids inside.  Mums beware - Dads sometimes don't come out!

How can I book a party or event?
Booking is easy!  Simply click on the Contact Us link or call us